My name is Tuong and I am on a journey with God in order to find my purpose in life. As a fellow Millennial, I always find myself searching for the next best things that the world has to offer. I was trained to strive for new innovations and changes. Changes are good, but changes can often lead people off course. My journey with God is constructed to embrace the changes, but only for purpose.

My blog is in English and Vietnamese because God is guiding me to create and share God’s messages with my home country, Vietnam, as well as my new home country, U.S. I am fluent in Vietnamese, but I do have a hard time with finding the right word to describe my thoughts (mostly in English). I always flip flop between English and Vietnamese, therefore, I am relearning Vietnamese vocabularies through Google Translate. If you are a believer, please share this blog with your friends. If you have Vietnamese friends, please share this blog with them. I hope to connect my readers and build a community of followers, who are passionate about sharing God’s messages.